» » » Sammy Hagar - Deeper Cuts (Deluxe RED) (2019)

Sammy Hagar - Deeper Cuts (Deluxe RED) (2019)

15.03.2019, 22:48

Исполнитель: Sammy Hagar
Название диска: Deeper Cuts (Deluxe RED)
Страна: USA
Жанр: Classic Rock
Год выпуска: 2019
Количество треков: 34
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 02:27:14
Размер файла: 342,94 МБ


01 Top Of The Rock (HSAS)
02 Can't Get Loose
03 Miles From Boredom
04 Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)
05 In The Night
06 The Iceman
07 My Kinda Girl (C-Foot)
08 Burnin` Down The City
09 Run For Your Life
10 Danger Zone
11 Remember The Heroes
12 Rock 'N' Roll Weekend
13 Knockdown Dragout (Feat Kid Rock, Joe Satriani, Denny Carmassi)
14 Oh Yeah (C-Foot)
15 Psycho Vertigo (Planet US)
16 Come Closer (C-Foot)
17 I Don't Need Love
18 Two Sides of Love
19 Missing You (HSAS)
20 Swept Away
21 Plain Jane
22 Boys' Night Out
23 Hallelujah (Feat The Waboritas)
24 Sexy Little Thing (Feat Chickenfoot)
25 Dick In The Dirt
26 Space Station #5
27 Let Sally Drive
28 Whiter Shade Of Pale (HSAS)
29 Hot And Dirty (HSAS)
30 Sam I Am
31 Shag (Feat The Waboritas)
32 Things've Changed (Feat The Waboritas)
33 Red (Sammys Theme)
34 Never Say Die

I saw A Hagar Deep Cuts album come out. I looked it over and found it Weak, I dropped what I was doing and went to work on this. I been listening to Sammy since the Late 70's And than all of the side projects. And I made this Deeper Cuts. No VH This Is about Sammy. Enjoy

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