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1927 - Collection (1988-1996)

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Исполнитель: 1927
Название диска: Collection
Страна: Melbourne, Australia
Жанр: Pop Rock
Год выпуска: 1988-1996
Количество треков: 44
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 02:53:29
Размер файла: 410,84 МБ


1988 - ...Ich
01. "To Love Me"
02. "That's When I Think of You"
03. "If I Could"
04. "You'll Never Know"
05. "Compulsory Hero"
06. "All the People"
07. "Nothing in the Universe"
08. "Propaganda Machine"
09. "Give the Kid a Break"
10. "The Mess"

1990 - The Other Side
01. "Tell Me a Story"
02. "Don't Forget Me"
03. "Doin' It Wrong"
04. "The Other Side"
05. "Africa"
06. "A World Without You"
07. "A Day Like Today"
08. "Call on Me"
09. "Why?"
10. "It's Gonna Get Better"

1992 - 1927
01. "Dreamstate"
02. "It Ain't Love"
03. "Scars"
04. "Big White Bird"
05. "Modern Culture"
06. "Colour Division"
07. "Fix of You"
08. "Kaleidoscope Eyes"
09. "Be My Baby"
10. "All the Stars"
11. "Far Beyond the Probing Eye"
12. "Ladybird"

1996 - The Very Best of 1927
01. "That’s When I Think of You"
02. "You’ll Never Know"
03. "If I Could"
04. "Tell Me a Story"
05. "Don’t Forget Me"
06. "The Other Side"
07. "It Ain’t Love"
08. "Scars"
09. "To Love Me"
10. "Compulsory Hero"
11. "I’d Die for You"
12. "Nothing I Can Do"

Группа 1927 сформировалась в австралийском городе Мельбурн, в 1987 году. В составе: James Barton - барабаны, Bill Frost - бас гитара, его брат Garry Frost - гитара, клавишные, и Eric Weideman - вокал, гитара, клавишные. Коллектив был очень популярен в кнце 80х и в начале 90х годов с их хитами "If I Could", "Compulsory Hero" и "That's When I Think of You". А альбом ...Ich 1988 года стал мультиплатиновым...
1927 are an Australian pop rock band formed in 1987 with James Barton on drums, Bill Frost on bass guitar, his brother Garry Frost on guitar and keyboards, and Eric Weideman on vocals, guitar and keyboards. They were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s with their major hit songs "That's When I Think of You", "If I Could", "Compulsory Hero" and "Tell Me a Story". Their multi-platinum number-one album, ...ish (1988) was followed by The Other Side (1990) which peaked at number three. At the ARIA Music Awards of 1989 they won two categories: Breakthrough Artist – Album for ...ish and Breakthrough Artist – Single for "That's When I Think of You". At the 1990 ceremony they won Best Video for "Compulsory Hero", which was directed by Geoff Barter. Late in 1986 Garry Frost (ex-Moving Pictures) saw Weideman on a "Red Faces" talent segment of variety TV show Hey Hey It's Saturday, Frost offered Weideman a spot in a new band, 1927. In 1992 the group released a third studio album, 1927, which reached the top 40; but they disbanded the following year. Weideman reformed 1927 in 2009 with a new line-up.

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